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Monday: "Fight for both your children"

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Last night's episode see the police enter the Vic with some potentially devastating news for Shirley. On Monday the police tell her that the burned out car with a body they believe to be Dean inside and need her to identify the body.

Shirley asks Mick to accompany her to the hospital but he refuses. Later Mick and Linda are worries when they learn that Nancy has gone with her instead.

Later, Nancy returns and encourages Mick to tell his mother the truth about Dean.

Soon afterwards, Sharon bumps into Shirley and offers her sympathy Despite their hatred for each other, the two women sit down together and Sharon encourages Shirley to fight for both of her children. Sharon then makes a decision of her own, revealing to Abi that she is going to look for her father.

When Shirley decides to take Sharon's advice, she warns Mick that she won't be choosing between her two sons as she loves them both. As Shirley leaves, Nancy follows her out and is about to reveal all...

Meanwhile, Kim returns home with a cot for the baby but concerns Denise by refusing to let anyone help her. When Kim finally breaks down, Denise is there to support her. When Kim then gets a text from the baby's father, will she reply?

VIDEO: See Adam Star in Bealehood

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Friday, 27 February 2015

A fan has created a movie trailer based on the movie and concept Boyhood. The movie was filmed with the same actor for 12 years. Bealehood is taking some of Adam Woodyatt's finest moments and put into a spoof movie trailer.

Check it out!

Friday: Moral Support (VIDEO)

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Linda and Sharon lend each other some moral support in Friday's episode.

Baby scan causes Linda to break down

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

As the day of the baby scan is upon her, Linda can't bring herself to look forward to the occasion as the paternity of the baby is unknown.

In the hospital, both her mother Elaine and Lee are happy to  hear that everything is fine but Mick and Linda are struggling.

Elaine comforts Linda who reveals she has received a call from the police. They have told her the case is being referred to the CPS to see if Dean will be charged. Linda breaks down and reveals her biggest fears.

In an attempt to gain some normality, Linda recreates a picnic that she and Mick had some years ago.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday March 3 and Friday March 6 on BBC One.

Kat And Kim Break Into Pub

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A little worse for wear, Kat & Kim will break into the Queen Vic. After getting annoyed at Linda the pair decide to use Denise's spare keys to break into the Vic and help themselves to the wine.

After a while, Linda catches them in the act and demands they pay for what they have stolen. Kim heads off to get some cash but her efforts are thwarted when the tube station is locked. After bumping into Shirley, Kim receives a text from Vincent and notices a car with its headlights on causing her to flee – what is she so afraid of? As Kim runs away, the car drives towards her.

Back at The Vic, Linda and Kat come to blows when Linda questions Kat as a mother and calls social services. A raging Kat pushes Linda in to the table and the phone goes flying across the floor. Linda assures Kat she wasn’t actually going to say anything but they are interrupted by a terrified Kim who runs into The Vic followed by Shirley. With the door to The Vic bolted, Kim is left to explain all about the baby’s father. As the night goes on, the four ladies share their own worries and memories about being a mother but can they all put their differences aside and support each other? Outside, the man in the car makes a call and tells the recipient he’s found her …

Meanwhile, Whitney is left heartbroken after Lee reveals he’s going back to the army.

EastEnders Thursday: "Amen" (VIDEO)

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The Foxes prepare for the worst in Thursday's episode.

Jacqueline Talks Birth: 'I kept screaming – but Dan helped me through it'

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Jacqueline 22 has revealed the details about becoming a mother after daughter Ella Selina was born last week.

Jossa who playes Lauren Branning in EastEnders says she has no regrets to deliver in a birthing pool. In a joint interview with Dan, the pair spoke to OK Magazine Jacqueline said: "It was like she just swam up to us. She was given straight to me and it was just amazing.

"I was just looking at her thinking, 'What the Hell? That's my baby. And she looks just like me!'"

Via Instagram
Via Instagram 
Towie start Dan 23 says he remained by her side during the entire labour.  And he was not affraid to get involved either.
He said: "She was in the water for about four hours. Jackie's hands and feet were like a prune and my hands were wrinkled up."

Jacqueline, who was quick to commend her boyfriend for being so supportive throughout the labour process, added: "Dan was holding on to me, squeezing my arms and helping me push as well."
Via Instagram
Via Instagram
It seems as if the soapstar wasn't the only one praising Dan for his assistance in the delivery room.
Shortly after Ella Selina's birth, Jac's mum Selina - whom the baby girl is named after - also took to Twitter, reminding the TOWIE star that he also did a 'great job'.

Little Ella - whose name means 'fairy maiden' - joins Dan's one-year-old son Teddy, whom he had with ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin.

Story Source: Closer

Tuesday: "Dean was here" (VIDEO)

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Nancy has disturbing news for Linda in Tuesday's episode.

EastEnders Trailer (VIDEO)

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The following clip shows life in Walford after the dramatic week of revelations and continues on Monday 23rd February.

Dot Get's A Visitor

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Poor Dot continues to refuse help from friends and family next month which keeps her locked up.

Dot will spend at least the next few weeks behind bars after handing herself into the local authorities.

A number of people were prepared to lie about what happened to Nick, Dot took it upon herself to tell the police that she in fact let her son Nick die.

With her own personal issues going on at home, that does not stop long time friend Sharon try her best to support her over the coming days. 

With Sharon not happy what she hears, she takes it upon herself to draught in some help in the guise of Charlie and Roxy.

Will Sharon be able to get through to Dot and convince her to fight the charges before it's too late?

Dot enters the visiting room
Dot enters the visiting room

Sharon has arrived to visit Dot
Sharon has arrived to visit Dot

Dot refuses to accept Sharon's help
Dot refuses to accept Sharon's help

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday, March 3 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Kathy's Back in Walford!

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EastEnders have released the first images of Kathy Beale back in Albert Square.

Taylforth surprised viewers on Thursday when she stepped out of a taxi during one of the live scenes.

Kathy was last seen in Walford in 2000 and was killed off back in 2006.

Taylforth said she was in "shock" after hearing EastEnders bosses wanted her character back in the show.

Speaking on EastEnders: Backstage Live, she said: "It's been fantastic. When [executive producer] Dom and [casting director] Julia Crampsie phoned, I was in shock for ages.

"It's been very hard keeping it a secret, especially from my children. They've been going, 'Oh mum, so-and-so has died and come back, why can't you?' I've said, 'I'm dead!'"

Gillian Taylforth as Kathy Beale in EastEnders
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

EastEnders producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins revealed that actor Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale) started sobbing when he heard his on-screen mum would be making a return.

"I told him, 'Look, we're bringing someone back'," said Treadwell-Collins. "He looked at me and he went, 'Not my mum?'

"He broke, and he started sobbing and sobbing and sobbing. He looked at me and said, 'Really? That's all I ever wanted, all I ever wanted is for my mum to come back'."

The EastEnders 30th anniversary week brought the long-running 'Who killed Lucy Beale?' storyline to a close, when in Thursday night's show it was revealed that Bobby Beale killed his sister.

Pictures: "Where's Dean?"

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Nancy is becoming frustrated with her father brushing off the questions and demands he tells her where Dean is. The last Nancy saw of Dean was him lying lifeless on the floor of the barrel room.

She is convinced that Mick has killed Dean and hidden the body.
After she finds Dean's lighter, it fuels her suspicions even more and remains unconvinced by what her father tells her.

Nancy questions Mick
Nancy questions Mick

Nancy eventually decides to share her worst fears with her mum Linda (Kellie Bright) who has some questions of her own for Mick when she sees the lighter. What has really happened to Dean? And could this new crisis tear the Carters apart again?

Linda also worries about the lighter
Linda also worries about the lighter

Linda confronts Mick
Linda confronts Mick

Can Mick reassure Linda?
Can Mick reassure Linda?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, February 23 at 8pm on BBC One.

PICTURES: Kim Fears The Worst

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Kim is struggling to keep positive about baby Pearl's future next week on EastEnders.

On Thursday we see Kim give birth to baby Pearl in the toilet of the Queen Vic. Kim is still upset with sister Denise after the hurtful things she said prior to the birth.

When Denise arrives at the hospital, Kim is too frightened to visit Pearl, Denise becomes a huge support for her sister and they both decide to visit her together.

Kim thinks the early birth is a punishment from god and decides to get her christened as soon as possible.
After the christening has taken place, Denise starts asking Kim questions about Pearl's father. Kim claims that the man she has been speaking about doesn't really exist - she made him up to impress Denise and the baby's real dad is actually a one-night stand. But with Kim still hiding secrets, how honest is she really being?

Pearl is christened at the hospital
Pearl is christened at the hospital

Patrick joins Kim and Denise for the christening
Patrick joins Kim and Denise for the christening

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, February 23 at 8pm and Thursday, February 26 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Killer Tour: Look, Lucas and Heather Return!

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Nitin Ganatra takes us on a killer tour of Walford. Look out for some special cameos!

Is Emotional Vincent Kim's Husband?

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We announced that Richard Blackwood was arriving in Walford some time ago and we said at the time that he may be the husband of Kim Fox Hubbard.

We did start doubting this after he appeared on screen and made a bee line for the Mitchell's.

We also noticed as Kim was being loaded into an ambulance with baby Pearl, Vincent looked emotional.

Is Vincent the man she met in the line at the kebab shop who she later married? Vincent is linked romantically to Ronnie and they met up in the flashback episode aired on Thursday. Ronnie told him she was scared, ‘I used to be the delinquent not you,’ said Vincent, before attempting to kiss her. It seems like these two go way back. Richard has said that his character is connected to everyone, so there’s a strong chance that he knows them both. ALSO! EastEnders have not yet revealed the characters last name which if it turns out to be Hubbard would have been a giveaway.

Welcome on board Richard, we look forward to seeing your shenanigans play out on screen!  

Why Bobby Makes Total Sense

The who killed Lucy Beale whodunnit was one of the biggest soap storylines in the history of all whodunnit's. Now the story has almost come to an end and this is why it makes total sense.

Bobby stands holding the music box
© BBC / Jack Barnes
Bobby stands holding the music box

"Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy!"

After a whirlwind 10 months, the mystery has been solved - It was Bobby Beale who  killed Lucy.

Social Media reactions have been mixed but whoever it was going to be would have caused some kind of stir.

"That was obvious!", "I knew it would be her!", "Rubbish!" - come on, no matter who the killer was, it was always going to have its detractors. And there's no denying Dominic Treadwell-Collins and team would have expected even more with this reveal. But that's the beauty of it.

But in some ways, it all makes perfect sense.

Eliot Carrington as Bobby Beale in EastEnders
© BBC / Jack Barnes
Eliot Carrington as Bobby Beale

Bobby was always there, watching and listening as his family life revolved around his sister's latest drama. We heard him telling Denise in the flashback episode that Ian and Lucy had had another row. The kid must have been drained. It was all bubbling away in the background.

When you look back at the 10 months, Jane took Bobby up north and that was the biggest clue of all!

Then he returns, having found his way back to London and hiding by the spot Lucy's body was found. Never mind that major flag, we also saw him with a folder of press cuttings. Oh, he was just investigating the murder, we were told. Nope. Another great clue planted right in front of us - poor Bobby had kept all the press about the crime he had committed. Someone's going to need counselling.

The reveal was chilling. Jane was backed by many as being the person who would cover it up for another, but until the last few days, Bobby had not been a real contender.

Jane is shocked at what she sees
Jane is shocked at what she sees

Scenes where Emma (RIP Summerhayes) met someone in the park now make sense. While unconfirmed, if she had met Jane in the park and heard the truth, it now makes sense why she was hesitant to go to her bosses and solve the case.

Sure, it was a cheeky move to give us an official suspects list and not include the little fella, but that's the soap's prerogative. There's no denying some people will feel cheated by this, but in a way I'm glad. I'd been over the list so many times that I'd found a strong for and against case for each Albert Square resident.

Throwing the person we'd least expect into the mix was a bold, brave and rather outrageous move. But let's not get carried away in calling this an anti-climax or a disaster just yet. Adam Woodyatt and Laurie Brett will carry what is sure to be a hard-hitting aftermath, and based on what we've seen, Eliot Carrington will deliver in giving Bobby a more prominent presence.

On that note - I'm more annoyed at myself for not questioning the sudden recast. Makes sense now when you realise the increased role. No pressure, kid!

Lucy sends a text to someone
Lucy in the flashback episode

When the plot was first announced, it was promised to be "raw, emotional and gritty". There's no-one who will argue that the Bobby outcome doesn't deliver just that.

Congratulations to the entire EastEnders team, cast and crew on what we've seen so far this week.

Tonight's live aftermath episode promises to be a spectacular half hour of drama as Ian confronts Jane and (hopefully) learns the truth. Bobby was the product of an extremely dysfunctional environment and hopefully the Beales will realise that and not ship him off to live with some off-screen relatives.

FULL Live Episode Tomorrow!


Thursday, 19 February 2015

The reality of who killed Lucy and who is covering for who will send shockwaves through the square on Friday.

Ian has to deal with the truth, that his son Bobby killed Lucy. Also, Ian may have to deal with the fact that his mother Kathy is actually alive and well and just a few miles round the corner!

One this is for certain, life in Albert Square will never be the same again for the Beales.

Kathy Back After 15 Years!

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Tonight we were all shocked to see Kathy Beale return to EastEnders for a showdown with Phil Mitchell during one of tonight's live segments.

Arriving on the banks of the Thames in a black cab, Kathy told Phil she wanted to return to the Square - but he insisted she stay away.

Phil meets a surprise person
Phil meets a surprise person

We had seen Phil picking up a passport on the Square in episodes aired earlier this week as he also made attempts to tell Ian something.

Last seen in 2000 before returning to South Africa, viewers had believed that Kathy was killed in a car crash.

But tonight's scenes have set up a return for Kathy to Albert Square following the turbulent times of the Beale family over the last year.

Speaking of her return to EastEnders, Gillian said: "When Dominic [Treadwell-Collins, executive producer] approached me with his plan, I was so shocked I got into my car and burst into tears! 'Kathy' has always been so close to my heart and it's absolutely wonderful to be returning to the show and reprising the role."

Kathy Beale returns
Kathy Beale returns

Adam Woodyatt, who plays Gillian's on-screen son Ian, added: "I'm thrilled, I couldn't be happier. I've finally got my mum back! I've been keeping this secret for so long and now I just can't wait to work with her again."

Dominic Treadwell-Collins, executive producer, said: "I have always made my feelings on Kathy Beale and Gillian Taylforth very clear – she is part of EastEnders history, mother to Ian and Ben and one of the most important and iconic television characters on British television. Six months ago, we set ourselves the challenge of bringing Kathy back to the Square in a credible way. And I believe we have succeeded.

"Viewers will have to keep watching to find out exactly why Kathy 'died', where she has been all these years and why she now wants to come home to Albert Square. This is only the beginning of one of the most earth-shattering storylines EastEnders has ever seen…"

VINE: EastEnders Production Team React to Killer Reveal!


Dean takes Nancy hostage!

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Dean Wicks will make a stupid decision in the first of tonight's dramatic episodes as he plans to start a fire at the Queen Vic.

Dean, who was seen secretly returning to Albert Square last night, sets a drastic revenge plan into motion in explosive scenes.

Wanting to make the Carter family suffer after Linda rightly reported him for rape, Dean arrives at The Vic with a lighter and petrol in hand.

Ruthless Dean pours petrol all over the barrel store, but he is stopped in his tracks when Linda's daughter Nancy (Maddy Hill) notices the smell and arrives to investigate.

Nancy is taken hostage by Dean but her father Mick (Danny Dyer) soon finds them and makes a drastic plan of his own to deal with the situation.

Dean plans to commit arson
Dean plans to commit arson

Dean takes Nancy hostage
Dean takes Nancy hostage

Mick catches Dean with Nancy
Mick catches Dean with Nancy

How far will Mick go to save his family?

EastEnders airs tonight at 7.30pm and 9.25pm on BBC One.

EastEnders Reveal Episode: "Peter?" (VIDEO)

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Peter's perplexed as the events of the wedding unfold in Thursday's double episode.

Kat & Alfie: Heart Wrenching Scenes Ahead

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Shane Richie has said that future scenes are some of the "toughest" he and Jessie Wallace have filmed.

Kat & Alfie have been separated since Kat  discovered that Alfie had started the fire which left her badly burned and homeless.

Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie as Kat and Alfie Moon in EastEnders

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon (February 17), Richie teased what lies ahead for the estranged pair: "We have played some incredible stuff. Everything from the cot death to the baby swap and when Kat had an affair with [Derek Branning].

"But the stuff that we've just filmed, which is going to be out at Easter, is probably some of the toughest from the whole Kat and Alfie saga. After 12 years this is sort of the pinnacle, and I found that really tough to play. But I don't want to say too much because it is heart-wrenching."

On whether the couple should be reunited once again, Wallace added: "I think it doesn't work if it's not Kat and Alfie. We've tried it and it just doesn't work. The audience want to see them back together again."

Kat meets up with Alfie

The pair were speaking as EastEnders' Live Week gets underway tonight (February 17), with the cast preparing for a fully live episode this Friday (February 20).

Confirming that Kat will be drunk "throughout" the week's live inserts and Friday's special, Wallace said that she doesn't find the prospect of going live nerve-wrecking.

"No it's not because when you're filming on a daily basis, you don't get time to rehearse," she explained. "This is great because we've got so many chances to rehearse, so when we do actually do it live, it's the best that we can do it because we've had so many opportunities to get it right. So I'm loving it."

EastEnders' Live Week begins tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Fire Broke Out On Set After Live Scenes

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After the live scenes were aired last night (February 17th) a fire broke out on the set of the iconic soap.

The Fire Brigade were called to Elstree Studios at 11pm, just 3 hours after the cliffhanger involving Max & Abi.

© South Beds News Agencey

It is reported that a firework landed on the roof of one of the houses on the Albert Square set causing the fire.

An EastEnders spokesperson said: "There was a very small fire on set on Tuesday night after rehearsals had finished. It has not affected any #EELive week plans and nobody was harmed."

A show insider also joked: "Clearly with a peak audience of 9.6m last night, EastEnders is literally on fire."

Max accuses Abi
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

A spokesperson for the Hertfordshire fire service also commented on the incident, saying: "Thanks to the hard work of our firefighters, the fire was contained and extinguished before it could cause any serious damage to the set. We're pleased that we were able to deal with this incident quickly, so it shouldn't affect the 30 year celebrations taking place this week."

EastEnders is airing live scenes all this week, building up to a full 30-minute live episode on Friday (February 19).

On-screen highlights still to come include the return of Jo Joyner as Tanya Cross, Ian and Jane Beale's wedding and the long-awaited revelation of who killed Lucy Beale.

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

Wednesday: "Lucy?" + Bonus Clip (VIDEO)

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ian is confronted in Wednesday's episode. Find out by whom...

Babs To Return Full Time?

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June Brown and Barbara Windsor

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 about her future on EastEnders, Windsor said: "We have a guv'nor [executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins] who's absolutely fantastic. Every now and again, he phones me and says, 'Do you fancy coming back?' He knows my love is here.

"I love it and all my mates are here and I love the camaraderie. Being an only child, it was like a family to me. I love all that and he knows. He kind of gets to me! I love him very much, the guv'nor, so who knows?"

She added of taking part in the soap's 30th anniversary: "I'm quite nervous. Because it's something I did for 16 years, to come back and there's all these new faces and all the rest of it.

"You think people will be saying, 'What's she doing back? Does she want to get in there and say get out of my pub?' I am a bit nervous, I really am.

"It is lovely because it was 16 years of my life. When I came in here, even though I'd been in the business for years and years and done so much, the Carry Ons were being shown all the time and that's the thing that everyone knew me for.

"It was, 'What are they doing getting her, she's not a proper actress'. I really had to earn my stripes when I came in, but I loved it and I thank them and I love them. My heart's here and when they say, 'Come and do a day', I can't resist it."

Windsor also previewed Peggy Mitchell's showdown with the Queen Vic's new landlord Mick Carter.

Danny Dyer and Barbara Windsor in The Vic

"I do a very nice scene with Danny Dyer and that made me nervous because he's the new guv'nor," she said. "I'm not like my character. Everyone thinks I'm tough and in charge, but no. But it's lovely, it's a lovely scene."

When quizzed on whether Peggy Mitchell will tell Mick to "get out of her pub", Windsor replied: "There is one of those lines, but who says it? It's a very nice little scene."

Windsor originally starred in EastEnders from 1994 to 2010.

TONIGHT: Peggy Returns To A Shock

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The Queen of the Vic is back tonigh. Before doing what she came for, Peggy can't resist paying a visit to the Queen Vic, where she meets current landlord Mick Carter for the first time.

Later, Peggy heads off to Dot's house as planned, but she is stunned when she sees the state of Dot…

Peggy makes a visit to the Vic
Peggy makes a visit to the Vic

Meanwhile, it's the night of Ian and Jane's wedding. Lauren is in turmoil as she now knows details of what really happened to Lucy and wants the truth to come out. Taking matters into her own hands, Lauren leaves a wedding card with a message inside.

Lauren's strange behaviour doesn't go unnoticed by Max and after Stacey tells him what's going on, he desperately searches for his daughter to find out whether she really knows what happened to Lucy. When Max finds Lauren, she storms out and goes into a cab before he has a chance to talk to her. Max is left fearful over what could happen next, knowing that Lauren can't reveal what she knows about Lucy…

Elsewhere, last-minute preparations are taking place for the wedding, but Ian struggles to cope. He rushes out of his pre-ceremony drinks gathering at The Vic because he is worried that he shouldn't be happy after everything that has happened to Lucy. After reminiscing over the past, Ian finally pulls himself together and tells everyone that it's time to head off to the wedding - but he's shocked when he finds out how Alfie plans to get him there!

Ian wears a crown of bananas for his wedding!
Ian wears a crown of bananas for his wedding

Soon afterwards, everyone waits at the restaurant for the ceremony, but Ian heads into the kitchen to see Phil as he knows that Phil is desperate to speak to him. What does Phil have to say?

Also today, it's a tense and emotional time for Roxy and Charlie as the doctors turn off Ronnie's ventilator. Will Ronnie wake up?

Finally, a new face arrives on Albert Square (played by new cast member Richard Blackwood). Who is he, and why is he in Walford?

Sharon Visits Biological Family

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Sharon makes the brave decision to visit her biological family next week.

When Carol Jackson learns that Sharon's biological mother is dying of Cancer, she offers her some words of advice.

Carol suggests that Sharon should say goodbye to her mum, and Sharon soon takes her advice on board by deciding to pay her a visit. She is accompanied by Linda Carter for moral support.

Linda supports Sharon
Linda supports Sharon

However, upon arriving, Sharon is thrown when she is greeted by her half-brother Kristopher (Jonathan Broadbent) who clearly doesn't recognise her.

Once inside, Sharon finds herself unable to tell her brother who she really is, prompting Linda to cover for her as they make their excuses to leave.

Before heading back to Walford, Sharon and Linda stop off at a cafe where Sharon confesses to Linda that she thinks she'd have been happier if her mum hadn't given her up, admitting that she feels like an outsider in the Mitchell family.

Sharon prepares to knock on her mother's door
Sharon prepares to knock on her mother's door

As the two have a heart to heart discussing motherhood, they remind one another that they hold their families together.

Thankful to have each other, they return to the Square energised, where Sharon decides that she needs to take charge of her problems once and for all. What will she do?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, February 26 and Friday, February 27 on BBC One.

it's A Girl! Jacqueline Gives Birth To Baby Ella

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Jacqueline Jossa has given birth to a baby girl named Ella 

Jacqueline and Dan have announced the birth of their baby girl named Ella
The 22-year-old EastEnders actress announced the happy news via her Twitter page this morning, and revealed that she gave birth to her baby girl yesterday.
"Baby ella osborne was born yesterday. thankyou @DannyO and @Sarabro2 for everything. Amazing. She's perfect x" the pretty brunette wrote after retweeting a message from her boyfriend Daniel Osborne.
The Only Way Is Essex star posted: "So so so so happy to tell you all!! Our baby girl Ella arrived yesterday evening. @jacquelineMjos done SO well, proud of you. I love you."
It seems both Jacqueline's mother Selina, and Dan, were present at the birth yesterday.
Jacqueline and her boyfriend Dan Osborne confirmed the news via TwitterTWITTER

Jacqueline and her boyfriend Dan Osborne confirmed the news via Twitter
Jacqueline and Dan confirmed that they were expecting their first child on August 15 last year, and last month they revealed that it was a baby girl.
The couple have been plagued by split rumours throughout the pregnancy, and at the beginning of the year things seemed to have ended when Dan tweeted: "Relationships just don't seem to work."
He later explained that he was just having a 'temper tantrum,' and that things were back on track for the pair.
Dan already has one child, a son named Teddy, with his ex-girlfriend Megan.
Jacqueline gave birth to her first child on SundayTWITTER

Jacqueline gave birth to her first child on Sunday
In the past, Dan has admitted the situation between the two women has been strained: "It’s a really difficult situation.

"It’s not easy for Megan… but I’m trying to do the best I can for her, Jacqueline, and of course Teddy. We are trying to work through it all together."
It's unsure whether or not Jacqueline will be participating in the live episodes of EastEnders this week.
Her character, Lauren Branning, has just discovered she is expecting her first child with Peter Beale.
This week, fans of the BBC1 soap will finally discover who murdered Lucy Beale and viewers will watch as the cast film some scenes completely live, with Friday night's entire episode being live.

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