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Adam Woodyatt Leaves Viewers Stunned Over Dramatic Weight Loss!

EastEnders Ian Beale actor leaves One Show viewers shocked at dramatic weight loss!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

/ by WalfordEast

On screen, Ian Beale is currently struggling with his weight, with the doctor telling him his lifestyle could lead to type 2 diabetes, the character and his family are struggling to get his weight off.

The main reason for the storyline is that Adam who plays Ian, would be training to take part in the London Marathon in aid of Midlands Air Ambulance. This would have lead to a noticeable change in the characters weight on screen.

Adam's son Sam was struck by a car as he was crossing the road, the London Air Ambulance flew him to hospital where he underwent life-saving surgery.

Today, Adam and Sam appeared on BBC's The One Show and Adam's weight loss was dramatic, leaving fans shocked.



The changes will be very noticeable in weeks to come on screen. We would personally like to congratulate Adam on raising money for an extremely worthy cause.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

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  1. Now that's dedication for you. Well done, Adam. You look amazing!! X

  2. Well done! It's not easy, but you did it!


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