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EastEnders Episode Guide: 20th November - 4th December

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Aidan arrives in Walford, EastEnders

EastEnders is now heavily building for the big Christmas storyline, and it has been reported that legendary EastEnders writer Simon Ashdown, has returned and his storylines will kick off from early December. Here's a rundown for every episode between 20th November and 4th December.

Monday 20th November, BBC One

EastEnders Woody

A surprise visitor causes tension between Whitney and Woody. Lauren's feelings for Josh resurface but she does her best to hide them, and Karen gets a visit from the loan shark, who cause her more problems.

Tuesday 21st November, BBC One

Lauren and Stacey, EastEnders

Karen does her best to fix her money problems by trying to sell her belongings in the Vic. Staying with the Carters, Moose continues to cause problems for Woody and Whitney, and Lauren and Stacey bond over motherhood.

 Thursday 23rd November, BBC One

Jay and Ben Mitchell, EastEnders

Linda and Shirley rally around to help Karen with her money troubles. Whitney has doubts about her engagement to Woody and Ted and Joyce head to court, what will the verdict be?

Friday 24th November, BBC One

Josh and Luke Browning, EastEnders

Joyce has some good news for Karen, Lauren starts asking questions about Weyland & Co which leads to Josh, urging her not to mess with his older brother, Luke.

Monday 27th November, BBC One

Phil Mitchell, EastEnders

An old friend of Phil Mitchell arrives on his doorstep, Max Branning panics when he realises what his daughter Lauren, has discovered.

Woody has some surprising news for the Carter family, leaving Whitney confused.

Tuesday 28th November, BBC One

Mick and Linda Carter, EastEnders

Mick and Linda try to sort out Whitney and Woody's relationship troubles, and Phil Mitchell is intrigued to what he has found out, and decides to do a little digging.

Thursday 30th November, BBC One

Ben Mitchell, EastEnders

Linda's fears return to haunt her, Carmel wants more commitment from Max Branning, leaving him uncomfortable and Ben gets an unwelcome gift.

Friday 1st December, BBC One

Hugo, EastEnders

The five week deadline is up, have the Carters raised the £50,000 needed to save the Vic? - Carmel thinks her dream is about to come true and starts making plans, and Ben finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Monday 4th December, BBC One

Sharon and Phil Mitchell, EastEnders

With Aidan back in Phil's life, Sharon is concerned that her husband has turned to crime, once again. Also, Max Branning finds himself in a dangerous position.

So that's the episode guide for the next couple of weeks, we will update as soon as more information is revealed.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One

A Look Ahead: Woody Attacks Moose

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Pub fight eastenders
EastEnders, BBC One

Woody lets jealousy and paranoia get the better of him next week when he attacks Moose. After his arrival, Moose charms the entire family, including Whitney.

When Woody warns him off his fiance, he is shocked to learn that he knows about Lee and Whitney's divorce before he does.

On their way out to the theatre, Woody snaps and a shocked Whitney looks on as he attacks Moose in the bar.

His actions give Whitney doubts about their engagement, has Woody completely blown his chances?

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders airs this episode on Tuesday 21st November on BBC One.

EastEnders Christmas 2017 Tipped to go Down in History

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EastEnders, BBC One

John Yorke is determined to get EastEnders back to the top spot by bringing back the soaps top writer, Simon Ashdown.

Simon's best known for writing the Stacey and Max affair storyline, Who killed Archie Mitchell, Whitney's prostitution storyline, the death of Pauline Fowler and the Queen Vic fire in 2010.  He was a writer on the show between 1995 - 2013.

Speaking to The Sun, John Yorke said: "I’m delighted to welcome one of EastEnders’ greatest writers back to the show. "Simon has delivered some of EastEnders biggest moments and I hope people will agree that his Christmas episodes are right up there with his very best work."

Simon Ashdown

A show insider also confirmed to the newspaper: "With Christmas rapidly approaching in Albert Square, things are set to explode in catastrophic style.

"Secrets and lies are exposed and families are torn apart forever.

"With the Branning’s at the heart of Christmas day, the special festive episodes will be written by Simon Ashdown.

"The Brannings will be at the heart of the drama and it is set to be a classic EastEnders Christmas that will go down in Walford history."

EastEnders, BBC One

His episodes will start airing on screen from December 7th, 2017.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

That Epic EastEnders Performance!

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EastEnders, Children in Need

The late Sir Terry Wogan would be proud of the efforts put in from every fundraiser in this years Children in Need.

At of 1am on Saturday 18th November, the annual BBC charity has smashed the total yet again, raising over a staggering £50,000,000!

Viewers were treated to a night of music and entertainment, including an epic performance by the cast of EastEnders.

This years theme was 'West End Hits'. - Sung beautifully by the likes of Shona McGarty, Jacqueline Jossa and Shaheen Jafargholi.

If you missed last night, don't worry, the whole night can be watched over on iPlayer. If you would like to donate to Children in Need, you can visit their website HERE.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One

Sneak Peek: EastEnders' Children In Need Performance - Video

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EastEnders, Children in Need

One thing that never disapoints on Children in Need is the cast of EastEnders, usually putting on a huge musical number, performed in the middle of Albert Square.

This year is no different as the likes of Shona McGarty, Lee Ryan and Shaheen Jafargholi will perform legendary songs from hit West End musicals.

The BBC have put together this sneak peek into the making of the performance - Children in Need is the BBC's UK corporate charity and raises money for disadvantaged children and young people around the country.

Watch Children in Need Tonight 7.30pm on BBC One

Danny & Danny Filming on Location

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EastEnders, BBC One

The BBC have released new pictures showing Keanu (Danny Walters) and Mick (Danny Dyer) coming to blows! - On the positive side, it looks like Keanu has landed himself a job.

These new pictures show Mick Carter confronting Keanu, donning a pair of Lady Di inspired slippers.

The actual storyline surrounding these pictures is yet to be revealed, but it will leave viewers devided. Are you team Mick or team Keanu?

EastEnders, BBC One
EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders, BBC One
EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

Thursday (Part One) Trailer: "Last chance"

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Ben has a decision to make in this trailer for the first of tonight's episodes. This episode airs at 7.30pm on BBC One, the second will air at 8.30pm.

First Look: Masood's Back And He's Not Alone!

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Masood Ahmed Returns

The first look at Nitin Ganatra back at EastEnders has been released. It was revealed recently that new soap boss, John Yorke, has brought back the character, and he's not alone.

Mas' will be returning with a whole bunch of new family members, two of which have been revealed. Meet Indira Joshi and Madhav Sharma who will play Auntie Mariam and Uncle Arshad.

EastEnders, BBC One

Mariam and Arshad are convinced by Masood to move from their longtime home across London, to Albert Square. He tells them it makes sense for them to rent his home so they have a lot more space for fostering.

Although the couple have no idea what Walford will undoubtedly have in store for them, they are happy to see that community spirit still exists in this tiny corner of east London.

Speaking to DigitalSpy today, exec producer John Yorke said: "We've always known that Masood came from a big family, and the time has now come to reveal a few more of them, of which Mariam and Arshad are just the first. Nitin has been invaluable to the show since he and the Masoods first rolled up in Albert Square.

"We're really excited to bring in the next generation of the family, for some incredibly challenging, fun and exciting stories ahead."

The new family members are due to arrive on our TV screens in the new year.

Whitney's Wedding Doubts As Guest Arrives

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EastEnders BBC One
EastEnders, BBC One

The relationship between Whitney and Woody will be tested next week when a familiar face turns up at the Vic, and Moose's arrival instantly gets Woody's back up.

His jealousy raises it's head when Woody sees the type relationship Moose has with Whitney and the rest of the Carter family.

Woody decides to have a word with Moose, telling him that he will be marrying Whitney, but he gets a shock when Moose reveals that Whitney and Lee's divorce is complete, leaving him confused why she hasn't told him.

EastEnders, BBC One

When Woody later confronts Whitney over keeping the divorce from him, tensions rise between him and Moose and the pair end up fighting.

Unfortunately for him, it seems Moose is the least of his troubles as Whitney is starting to have serious doubts about the wedding.

She brings up the subject with Woody, revealing that she feels they are rushing into things, but how will he react? - These episodes air next week on BBC One.

EastEnders fight
Mick and Woody fight

Ben and Lauren Make Shocking Discovery About Weyland & Co

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Ben confronts Luke

Both Harry Reid and Jacqueline Jossa are confirmed to be leaving EastEnders next month, and their characters are about to stumble upon something alarming.

Lauren will continue to peruse Josh Browning next week, the third child of Willmott-Brown. With Lauren still in the dark that her dad Max, is so caught up in the Browning family's scheming, it will surprise some viewers to learn that Josh also has no idea what his father is up to.

Back working for Weyland & Co, Lauren will initially try to avoid Josh, but her feelings for him continue to grow. She will also have an awkward encounter with Josh's ex-fiance, Imogene. She then makes an alarming discovery about the company.

Lauren makes a discovery

When Ben realises that he has Luke's wallet, he has a look inside and finds something that shocks him.

Lauren is concerned over her discovery and confronts Josh, who has no idea what she's talking about.

Josh asks his brother Luke about the find, but Luke tells his little brother to keep his nose out of it. - He pleads with Lauren to leave the situation alone, but she's a Branning so she'll keep pushing until she gets an answer.

Josh is left in the dark

Later at the Arches, Ben confronts Luke over what he has found out. Have Lauren and Ben found themselves in danger? - What does it mean for the grand plan?

EastEnders air these episodes next week on BBC One

Ben shares his concern with Jay

Ben confronts Luke

The Walford Residents Come Together to Help Karen

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EastEnders, BBC One

Karen Taylor is left shaken next week when the loan shark pays her another visit. - Karen recently borrowed money to help pay the bills and feed her family, against the advice of eldest son, Keanu.

After failing for the second time to meet the payment deadline, Karen is horrified to find out that the loan shark has collected Riley and Chatham from their after-school club.

The loan shark doesn't harm the boys, but it is a clear message, one that leaves Karen fearing for her children's safety.

She resorts to trying to sell her belongings in the pub, but she doesn't get anywhere near the amount she needs to pay off the debt.

Karen Taylor Loan Shark EastEnders
Karen Taylor is shocked

EastEnders BBC One
EastEnders, BBC One

Keanu returns home to find the television has been taken by Lloyd, during another argument with Karen. Things get worse when he also decides to take something the family holds dear.

Speaking to Linda Carter, Karen reveals her hardship, and Linda instantly wants to help. She asks Mick if they can lend her the money to help get the loan shark off her back, but Mick tells her they need every penny for the pub.

While raising money for the Vic, Linda takes it upon herself to ask the locals to dig a little deeper to help Karen and her children.

Shirley and Joyce also come up with some ideas. With everyone's generosity, could Karen's nightmare finally be over?

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders, BBC One

Linda collects money for the pub, and the Taylors

EastEnders air these episodes next week on BBC One.

Monday Trailer: Phil Drops Bombshell

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Phil drops an almighty bombshell on Kathy tonight. This episode airs at 8pm on BBC One.

Harry Reid Talks Ben Mitchell Exit: "It won't let you down, I promise you that."

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EastEnders Ben Mitchell
Harry Reid, EastEnders

Speaking to Tim Lovejoy on Channel 4's Brunch, Harry Reid revealed that the news about his character leaving Walford was a bit of a bombshell, one he "didn't see coming".

"I don't really think there would be any signs that point towards it, you can possibly get something out of the story, but in terms of [Ben's] mindset, it's quite a sudden thing.

"So, as an actor, I didn't see that build-up coming, but it's exciting me."

He also revealed how much he has enjoyed playing Ben, even when it creeps into your personal life: "you live this other person's life, it almost becomes your second life".

When asked if Ben was leaving in a coffin, Harry said: "I'm not gonna say anything, mainly because I want the fans to be excited and question what's going to happen.

"It is exciting," he added. "Ben's life is exciting and it won't let you down, I promise you that."

Ben Mitchell, EastEnders

"It's been very hard," he continued. "I think there's an actor's emotion that comes into play here.

"Obviously, it being long-running, I've worked with these people for a long time and when you're doing final moments, it can become quite ceremonial."

Harry will leave the soap towards the end of this year. EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One

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